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Impress And Engage Your Audiences With FP Live - Live Presentation Experiences For Businesses 

In today’s world, where COVID-19 is changing the way we all do business, delivering business presentations, sales pitches and meetings virtually is the norm.  

But, let’s be honest, they can become repetitive and monotonous. Plus, audiences are easily distracted at home and attention spans are rapidly dropping. 

How do you wow your audiences with an amazing presentation experiences that hooks them in and holds their attention from start to finish? Or stand out from the crowd with a killer sales pitch?  

You get creative and deliver something very different… 

High-Impact Live Presentation Experiences  

FP Live is an innovative and interactive alternative to standard video meetings, pitches and presentations. 

It enables you to deliver and stream high-impact live presentations, to audiences any size, anywhere, and at any time. Without the need for a ‘physical’ venue. Perfect for factoring in that all important social distancing. And – the beauty of it is that you don’t need an actual stage to deliver it from and there’s no capacity limit!  

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You can impress and engage your prospects, clients, stakeholders and teams with live presentation experiences that feel just like being part of a live TV broadcast.  

Fully-Customised Live Presentation Experiences For Business   

Use FP Live for:  

  • Live conferences. 
  • Webinars. 
  • Product launches.   
  • Presenting a live sales pitch.  
  • Town Halls.  
  • Internal communications.  
  • Delivering investor updates. 
  • Client presentations.
  • Storytelling and more! 
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It’s a fully managed service. We design the set, create the slides and other media, manage participant dial ins, and create the live stream in your chosen meeting setting. 

It works with Webex, Zoom or Teams. And we record it for you to reuse later. 

Key Features   

Live call-in features

You tell us what you want, or ask us to inspire you! 

Use different sets and presenters.  
  • Choose from an infinite amount of screens and backdrops.  
  • Use live contributor call in features.  
  • Live audience chat.  
  • Present slides, video... and more.  

Everything is designed and branded to suit your brand and audiences, creating the perfect virtual presentation experiences.

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