Stand-Out Storytelling And Design For Product Launch Presentations

Launch your new product with impact

You’ve invested a huge amount of time, energy and money in getting your new product to market. From the initial prototypes, to the early testing – you know your product inside out. And now it’s time to ensure that you can launch it to the public, stakeholders and employees with a bang – and make a real, lasting impact.  

You’ll want to ensure that you make an emotional connection with your audiences to get their buy in, selling in the benefits of embracing your product and standing out from your competitors to really power up your new product launch presentations.  

Communicate the benefits of your product effectively

Now is the time to show people exactly how your product can help them, including how you’ll solve their problems and improve their lives. To achieve this, your entire launch presentation should focus on the ‘what’s in it for me?’ for your audiences  

Your launch presentation should acknowledge the challenges your audiences are facing, demonstrate your understanding of these, and make it clear how your new product will help them. One of the most effective ways to do this is through storytelling, talking to your audiences about your new products with a really compelling narrative. Storytelling works so well because it’s a language that everyone understands and it enables you to make something that’s complex or technical completely relevant and relatable.  

It’s also a great way to make an emotional connection – much more engaging for your audiences than facts and figures (which you can weave into your story). Craft a narrative that’s all about the very reasons for your product’s conception, introduce conflict by discussing the problems your audiences are facing, and present your innovative product as the best solution. 

IMAGE: Budvar presentation

Establishing trust in your new product

Encouraging your audience to trust in how useful and effective your product is requires you to provide real, hard evidence.  

As you’re telling your story in your launch presentation think about the evidence that shows your product is the best, and weave it into your story. Share proof about the claims you’re making, feedback from testing/trials and – if you have real world examples of it being used already – shout about it.  

These key pieces of evidence will provide solid proof to support all the other things you say about your product, and encourage your audiences to trust in you, your product, and your presentation 

Visually demonstrating your important numerical data

You won’t have got this far in taking your product to market without accumulating lots of useful (albeit complicated to the untrained eye), data about relevant research, product features, and pretty much anything else related to your product.  

Taken out of context, this type of information will do little to help your cause. However, with clear contextualisation and visualisation in your launch presentation, you can bring this data to life and optimise it to help show your product (and its potential) in its best light. 

Budvar product presentation
IMAGE: Budvar presentation

New product development launches – presenting with impact remotely

Any successful new product launch presentation isnt just about the product. It’s also about how you present it. Establishing trust and credibility in your new product is best achieved when your audience puts their faith in, not only your new products, but in you too. So, how can you build personal trust in your launch presentation? 

You create a presentation with a compelling story that is visually engaging, and you deliver it to your audiences with impact.   

In 2021 and beyond, product development and marketing teams will be getting even more creative when it comes to new product launch presentations. The ongoing global pandemic means it’s still difficult, if not impossible to physically get in front of your audiences. And so new product launches are happening online 

Traditionally, many new product launches used tried and tested platforms and means of presenting launches online. But, as audiences, and even presenters, tire of Zoom and linear presenting, the great news is people are getting much more creative.  

Live presentation experiences, menu-driven presentations and even whole interactive new product launch campaigns are gaining traction. They’re more interactive, inventive and exciting for everyone.  

FP Live presenters on stage

We’ve seen demand for live presentation experiences soar so much, we’ve created a new product to enable our clients to deliver the best live presentation experiences, it’s called FP Live 

For new product launches, live presentation experiences and menu-driven presentations are a no brainer because at the same time as presenting your products, you can dial in other speakers, show slides, video and animations engage in live audience chat, and deliver everything on a fully branded stage.

With menu-driven presentations, these offer more flexibility and promote conversation-led selling because you can steer the conversation or move to different parts of the presentation easily when the audience gets involved.  

New Product Development Presentation Packages

FROM £3,000 (+VAT)

At Future Present our teams create high-impact new product launch presentations for clients all over the world. Each client, product and audience is unique, so there’s no one-size fits all solution. But there are different types of new product launch presentation packages that are proven to get the best results: 

New Product Launch Presentation

Power up your new product launch messaging and brand with stand-out storytelling and design.

Menu-Driven Product Launch Presentation

Introduce your new product with the ultimate flexibility and tailor conversations to each audience  with a menu-driven conversation deck.

Live Product Launch Presentation Experience

Get the ultimate product launch experience with an interactive and visually engaging presentation on a live stage that audiences will love.

Campaign Driven Launch Pack

Launch your new product with impact with a comprehensive set of presentation assets and services built around your product launch plan. 

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