Engage Employees With ‘Big Topic’ Town Halls

Town Halls are a perfect way for you to connect with your employees on big topics

And you’ll want them to be interactive so that you can generate valuable two-way conversations between top teams and employees. Town Halls are particularly valuable for aligning goals, communicating change, presenting updates and getting employee buy in and ideas and they also provide you with the chance to build a collaborative culture.

As more companies are now remote working how do you run an effective virtual Town Hall? You treat them the same way you would as delivering them in a physical venue – without the venue. So you should include all of the elements that make a great Town Hall – but tailor them for the online world.

Town Hall presentation
IMAGE: Aviva presentation

Virtual Town Halls With Impact

The first thing we’ll do is explore what you want to present and how to translate that in a way that engages your audiences and involves them.  

Then, we’ll work with you on the narrative, design and delivery – from the look and feel of the slides to the best delivery platform. And come up with creative ways to conduct polls, host Q&As and more.

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